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Concretta Micro Concrete Materials; Cement and polymer-based, decorative top coat concrete coatings with water as an additional component in powder consistency, which are applied thinly to the walls and floors of homes, offices, shops, kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings and even furniture to create a modern concrete appearance without making any distinction between interior and exterior facades. . The bond strength capability in its mixtures allows the material to be applied to almost all existing substrates, including existing concrete, compacted veneer, tile, plasterboard, bordex and mdf, and opens up a world of possibilities for designers. With all these features, it adds speed to renovation projects, easy application and Its construction pollution-free and cost-reducing qualities make it an unrivaled material. The reasons for making Micro Cement are usually for decorative purposes. You may not like the color of the floor, there may be many inconsistencies and defects in the flooring, there may be visual damage from the workmanship or you may experience large cracks. The beauty of the Concretta system is that you can obtain a concrete-looking aesthetic, solid, smoother, uninterrupted surface on your floor where you can achieve the desired color tone.

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Micro Concrete Coating

Although Micro Concrete Materials allow to create textured effects due to its composition, its surface is smooth. It gives the opportunity to create endless colors with the combination of different color pigments. Our product, which does not need panel format in exterior cladding, allows you to have a unique appearance with its joint-free surface.

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Micro Concrete Floor

It is a durable material.

Microconcrete floor is completely waterproof, meaning it can be applied on outdoor floors such as terraces and pool surrounds, and on the exterior cladding of villas and buildings. The non-slip feature on the floors is the reason for preference for elderly individuals and families with children. Its composition provides excellent adhesion to almost any surface such as concrete, plastic or wood, meaning that it is not necessary to remove the material from the substrate before coating the surface.

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It is a practical and modern material that can be applied on most materials such as ceramics and tiles without removing the subfloor for wet areas, especially your bathrooms. It does not require professional application skills and tools.

It is an ideal material for outdoor flooring. The slip resistance makes it a very safe coating even when wet. Its homogeneous roughness gives it a sophisticated and attractive touch. Thanks to its high decorative value, it is a groundbreaking finish on terraces and balconies.

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Micro Concrete Materials

Easy to maintain and apply

Microconcrete application is easy and it becomes functional quickly. It does not create construction pollution. Therefore, any job where micro concrete coating will be used will be fast and clean, and it is very easy to clean and maintain. You only need water and neutral soap to keep its aesthetic properties intact year after year. It is one of the best options for your budget, it is hygienic and does not require removing the underlying material to be applied, greatly reducing its cost. These properties make it an unbeatable material for any space renovation. Perfect for microcement on furniture, walls, floors, countertops and front of countertops.

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Micro Concrete 

Good option for your budget

If you want to have a microcement floor and wall cladding system in a home or commercial setting, there are a number of factors specific to each flooring system that must be considered. These factors make it difficult to propose a uniform cost for microconcrete.

Ideal for enjoying rustic finishes and pavements with a stony and more natural look. It constantly reinvents space and creates surfaces that radiate equal parts warmth and elegance. It is the best material to achieve a comfortable decoration with a rustic and personalized aesthetic.

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Quick Solutions
It is easy to apply, fast to become functional...
Possibility to apply on almost any subfloor
Concrete, Mosaic, Floor Tiles, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Epoxy.
Environmentally Friendly
Long lasting.
Does not emit harmful fumes.
Wide Areas of Use
Cafe, restaurant, office, home, social living areas...
Offices, common areas, residences, wet places.
Galleries, shops and showrooms..
Indoor and outdoor wall and floor applications, decorative surface applications..
Furniture, countertops, stairs, bathrooms etc...



Technicial Specifications

Easy to clean
it is hygienic
100% natural
It is a jointless material (no joints)
UV resistant
Compatible with exterior conditions

It is a fine-grained material designed to achieve a high quality finish with maximum elegance. Every detail is important in decoration and getting a very aesthetic finish is a guarantee of success and privilege. It makes your walls real works of art and gives you the pleasure of having something truly unique in your home.

Application Examples

Forget all the hassle of removing tiles, asking for building permits, removing debris and cleaning the place for a month. A renovation project with microcement has never been easier.

Micro Concrete Colors

The beauty of choosing Concretta is that there are a number of different colors, finishes and hues to choose from.

Concretta is available in the following colors and finishes:

Matt :
It gives the coating a very natural look. It turns the tint a little off.

Satin :
Medium balance between matte and glossy surface. It offers a modern look. It is the most popular.

Shiny :
Enhances and brightens color. It looks marble.

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