C O N C R E T T A 


Whether on floors, walls or ceilings, concrete; It is a modern but timeless material. With the Concretta concrete-looking wall and floor coating system, it is easier than ever to reach that concrete aesthetic that everyone loves and more accessible than you think...




Concrete Panel


Concrete Furniture


Oxid Wall


Industrial Floor

Concretta creates a dramatic surface on which you can tell your individual design story.
There is nothing standard or conventional about the Concretta surface. The random patterns that appear are crafts-only and provide a truly one-of-a-kind look. These patterns can range from a sharp texture to a cloudy, almost ethereal soft texture, depending on the crafter's finishing technique. Concretta textures and color options open up endless design possibilities to suit any style or ambiance. A smooth texture in neutral shades of gray or white creates a cool, more industrial character, while surfaces with more texture and earthy tones of beige or brown create a warmer feel. Concretta transforms the material on which it is applied into high-quality design elements and adds a unique quality to the space in a commercial setting. Thanks to the versatile nature of this decorative concrete pavement, a brand's personality can be summed up through Concretta colors and textures and translated into a distinctive, bespoke design.

You can express yourself and your brand better with Concretta...

C O N T A C T 

Küçükyalı Mahallesi, Şevkiçavuş Sokak.
No: 2-13 Maltepe / İstanbul 
T; +90 216 706 97 73

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